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this is pulsed

our team

dedication. expertise. passion.

A team is not a group of people who work together. 

A team is a group of people who trust each other.

- Simon Sinek -


Nils Haag



Philipp Rosenberger

Head of Laser Development


Aleksandar Sebesta

Senior Laser Engineer


Lukas Brahmann

Laser Engineer


Nathalie (Nagl) Lenke



Sebastian Gröbmeyer

Senior Laser Scientist


Hojjat Heydarian

Senior Electrical Engineer


Ferenc Krausz

Founder & Scientific Advisor

our mission

one team. one goal.

We aim at unlocking the potential of low-noise ultrashort pulse lasers for a wide range of applications in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. The remarkable stability and unique nonlinear conversion capabilities, especially in the mid-infrared region, open up exciting possibilities for ultra-sensitive spectroscopy and field-resolved studies with unprecedented reproducibility. Scientific and industrial applications may cover a variety of different fields, such as light-wave electronics, seeding of mid-infrared OPCPA systems, ultrafast nanoscopy, the investigation of novel quantum materials, observation and steering of photochemical reactions, and many more.

Ultimately, PULSED shares with international partners the long-term vision of using field-resolved infrared spectroscopy for the future of reliable, cost-effective, and minimally-invasive early disease detection and health monitoring. A single drop of blood holds a vast amount of different molecules that can be excited by a broadband and ultra-short infrared laser pulse. A molecular fingerprint of a person will be recorded via electro-optical sampling of the light emitted by the excited molecules. This fingerprint contains information about the health status of the person, enabling medical doctors to screen and react to changes in the individual health state well before symptoms arise. We strongly believe, that this technique will enable applications for screening and preserving the health on a population-wide scale.

We are working to deliver on this promise so that society as a whole can benefit from new insights and new diagnostic approaches and happily welcome everyone who wants to join us pursuing this task.

To advance a cause bigger than ourselves.

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