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our product


the first source of single-cycle light

albatross is the first source of single-cycle light at the repetition rate of a laser oscillator.

Efficiently generating near- to mid-infrared waveforms over more than three octaves is a striking demonstration of its potential. Combined with ultra-low noise of field amplitude and CEP, laser pulses are generated with high waveform fidelity. This makes albatross the ideal choice for exploring infrared opto-electronics at sub-cycle timescales and for spectroscopic measurements with unprecedented time resolution and sensitivity.


pulse duration

< 10 fs

output power

> 250 mW

spectral coverage (1)

1.2-2.8 µm

integrated RIN (2)

< 0.06%

CEP noise (2)

< 30 mrad

pulse energy

> 10 nJ

repetition rate

25 MHz

(1) Intensity reference level: -20 dB
(2) Frequency interval: 10 Hz to 1 MHz 


CEP stabilization

and control within the full phase range

low-noise laser pumping

for ultra-low amplitude and phase noise

Cr:ZnS laser oscillator

25 MHz cavity with controlled CEP

compact dimensions

66 cm x
104 cm

monolithic, sealed enclosure

with water-cooled baseplate

super-octave dispersive multilayers

for single-cycle infrared waveforms

dual laser output (optional)

for ultrafast scanning applications

free CEP control

on-demand CEP tuning without pulse chirp

list of publications

related to our technology

Ultra-CEP-stable single-cycle pulses at 2.2 µm

Optica 10, 801 (2023)

M. Kowalczyk, N. Nagl, P. Steinleitner

et al.

A New Generation of Ultrafast Oscillators for Mid-Infrared Applications
Springer Theses.png

Springer Theses, 978-3-030-89753-6 (2021)

N. Nagl

Single-cycle infrared waveform control

Nature Photonics 16, 512 (2022)

P. Steinleitner, N. Nagl, M. Kowalczyk

et al.

Directly diode-pumped, Kerr-lens mode-locked, few-cycle Cr:ZnSe oscillator

Optics Express 27, 24445 (2019)

N. Nagl et al.

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